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The Lawyer Forward Conference in 2017 is gonna be one heck of a brain-sploding party!

Our conference has been driven by three important assumptions:

1.Boring doesn’t teach.

2.Community matters.

3.You should be uncomfortable.

Those three principles define the Lawyer Forward experience, and it is definitely an experience.

We want to change you, and help you face the change in your practice. That means shaking your brain up a bit, breaking your assumptions, and requiring you to participate. This is not a passive experience, and that’s by design.

Boring doesn’t teach. How many conferences have you seen that feature subdued lawyers reading code sections off of a Powerpoint slide? I appreciate the work of the presenters at those conferences, but they’re being set up for failure. That teaching model just doesn’t keep engagement, and you deserve a better learning environment.

Community matters. I’ve had several new attendees tell me they were shocked by the community feel of the Lawyer Forward group. Part of that is the personality of attendees, part of it is the culture we’re tried to create, and part of it is by design. We actually have a “member success committee,” which is a fancy term for people who are specially chosen to make everyone feel welcome. Do not come expecting to hide in the corner. Unless you’re doing yoga, we just don’t allow that.

You should be uncomfortable. This is probably my favorite principle. We don’t do things for shock value, but we wouldn’t mind if we jostled you a bit. Especially if that jostling leads you to change. We’re facing a lot of crazy in our practices, and it’s time we dug in and got smart about our responses. This conference helps you do that.

If you value an environment that challenges you, teaches you, and makes you feel part of something, it’s time to sign up for Lawyer Forward 2017. Register here.
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